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Physician Focused

The executives at Health Care Facilities Partners have dedicated their careers to helping physicians generate and capture ancillary revenue streams. Our track record of successfully aligning ourselves with the physicians and exceeding their expectations allows us to earn the trust of our physician partners. With declining professional reimbursements and rising costs, today's physicians are having to work harder to keep their current income levels constant. We believe it is essential for surgeons to supplement their professional incomes by accessing ambulatory surgery center or medical office building additional income where appropriate.  Physicians and Hospital systems choose HCFP for the following reasons:

• Physician Advocates – With constant pressures on physicians, including regulatory and reimbursement challenges, you can depend on Health Care Facilities Partners to remain a strong advocate of the physician.

• Hospital Advocates – With constant pressures on hospitals to retain its medical staff and continue with their growth visions, you can depend on Health Care Facilities Partners to remain a strong advocate of the hospital system.

• Flexible model – A controlling interest is not our goal, but, rather, we prefer a minority interest in our projects, with the majority interest being with the physicians and hospital system partners whose commitment warrants the larger share.

• Expertise – Having the right advice from the inception of a project to opening is critical to success. Health Care Facilities Partners advising on everything from design and scope of the facility, financial modeling, staffing personnel, recruitment and syndication of the partnership, and managed care contracting will help avoid many of the pitfalls that can occur.

• Turn Key Development – The ability to take the vision of a group of surgeons and hospital system partner from the drawing board to reality. Our development and advising experience allows our physician partners to focus on their professional practice while we help as advisor to the project

Strong Recruitment Skills – Health Care Facilities Partners management

is highly trained, proven, and focused on recruiting additional surgeons to its projects. Our recruitment experience can be especially helpful at the start of a project when it is necessary to layer in additional surgeons on top of our core founding group to reach enough critical mass to get a project off the ground.

Syndication – There is a delicate balance between growing the partnership base and minimizing dilution among the founding members. Our disciplined approach maximizes the distributions and equity value of the founding members. We have the ability to work with the project legal team to evaluate syndications on behalf of the partnerships and handle the share transfers and repurchases that frequently take place in these partnerships.

• Partnership Legal Structure – We believe the best way to avoid costly and frustrating partnership issues down the road is to set up the partnerships correctly from the start. The project legal team will review the documents with the partnership to include the provisions that the partnership deems prudent and necessary for the partnership to be successful

• Disciplined Financial Modeling – We have performed numerous pro formas and believe we have one of the best financial models in the business. However, a pro forma is only as good as the underlying assumptions and is used as an estimated guide/road map for the project.

• Financing Options – Health Care Facilities Partners has some good lending relationships with REIT’s, equipment lenders and working capital lenders. We have been able to provide creative financing alternatives where other companies have fallen short. We will advise on financing based on current market conditions.

• Facility Design – Members of the HCFP team have advised the oversight of the design of multiple surgery centers, hospitals and medical office buildings. We work with reputable healthcare architects to design the most efficient schematic designs and space programs available. These designs focus on physician and staff convenience while maintaining appropriate and efficient patient flows.

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