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Advisory Services - Acute Care Hospitals

Health Care Facilities Partners is a leader in partnering with local physicians and hospital systems to develop and operate fully licensed acute care hospitals. Health Care Facilities Partners believes that when physicians retain a voice in the management of the facility, improved efficiency, satisfaction, and results materialize. Our physician participation model enables physicians to participate in strategic and operational decision making.  Health Care Facilities Partners has the industry specific experience and knowledge to tackle the complexities of opening and advising Boards of physician participation and hospital systems owned acute care hospitals in difficult political environments. As a development and advisory services partner, Health Care Facilities Partners has a proven track record of presenting various financing options to our projects which is the single greatest hurdle to a new facility. As an Advisor, Health Care Facilities Partners is responsible for advising the Board of the facility. The combination of Health Care Facilities Partners experience with advising, the strong local hospital c-suite leadership, physician input and participation results in increased physician and patient satisfaction, efficient operations and the highest quality care.

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